ForEVO. What is this?

ForEVO is an open source solution for large crossplatform test automation for regression testing. It is a framework that contains Selenium, Sikuli and AutoIt that allows to perform automation testing for almost all technologies from web to mobile applications. This is a open architecture framework that can expand for other solutions and technologies in the future.

ForEVO contains four main modules:

Test Object Manager allows to manage user interface elements captured by Sikuli, Selenium or AutoIt in the same manner.


Test Data Manager allows to manage data produced and used in very large business process automation testing.

Reporting allows to generate customizable reports and management dashboards, that shows online evidence about many different information about projects.

Test Object Proxy uses drivers for Sikuli, Selenium and AutoIt to perform actions on applications under test.


You can use ForEVO for :
*large business process testing;
*functional testing for different technologies such as SAP, Web, JAVA, native Win, C++ etc.;
*mobile testing on mobile devices;
*end user monitoring;
*data generation for complicated environments.

Yes, we Can 😉

ForEVO can:

  • perform modular testing
  • Keyword Driven Testing
  • Data Driven Testing

ForEVO supports:

  • web controls
  • native Windows controls (ex. Visual C++, Delphi, Visual C#, JAVA)
  • mobile controls for Android and iOS

ForEVO is easy to:

  • integrate with Robot Framework
  • Jenkins for agile projects with continous integration

Test script preparation

ForEVO has very usefull and flexible architecture to implement very complex regression test automation. It has ready to use JAVA meta-language to operate GUI objects and actions on applications under test via Selenium, Sikuli and AutoIt drivers. ForEVO supports Keyword Driven Testing, Data Driven Testing out of the box. You can use ForEVO with Eclipse development environment.

Test Object Manager
Test Object Manager

FroEVO has very innovative solution to manage GUI objects from application under test. All objects used in test are stored in object map that will be shared with different scripts and other team members. One project can contain many object maps. You can easily move or copy GUI elements between different object maps.

Data Management
Data Management

ForEVO Data Management is the solution for managing test data for large business processes where performing some actions on one application you need to set of data from other applications. ForEVO contains usefull mechanism to manage large data sets from databases, xls, csv and xml files. ForEVO allows to use data produced during the other not completed or failed test running.


ForEVO allows to build flexible and customizable reports and management dashboards. You can prepare own report templates for many different project stakeholders that show always actual information about project. ForEVO can show data from database and files on the same raport in the same time.