Who we are

ForProgress has very big experience performed large projects that improved quality of solutions deployed in insurance, banking and telecommunications company. During these projects we used many different tools and solutions for Quality Control. That experience allowed us to build own Test Automation Framework ForEVO which is an essential of using open source tools dedicated for automation.

Professional Tool for Test Automation

ForEVO reduces testing time or increases test scope in multi platform environment. That tool allows to perform automatic test for large business processes that realizations flow with different application environment: mobile, native or web. ForEVO dramaticaly reduces time, effort and costs of preparation and maintenance of automation test scripts.

Why our product is better than other similar products!

See what do you get with brand new framework.
Simple, professional, faster and better.

  • Creating scripts

    Now you can use Selenium, Sikuli and AutoIt in one universal simple syntax in ForEvo framework.

  • Reports and analisys

    You can present what you do and customize reports for your needs.

  • Tests

    ForEvo gives you all the opportunities of Sikuli, Selenium, AutoIt and much more.

  • Completed

    You can plan tests, you can design tests, you can execute tests, you can analysis test results.

ForEVO by ForProgress

Your Best choice in Automation World.